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You are welcomed by the virtual admission committee of KSU Katon-Karagai Agricultural and Technical College!

In this section, we will help you apply for admission in standard and online modes..

Для начала вы можете ознакомиться с Приказом об утверждении Типовых правил приема на обучение в организации образования,
реализующие образовательные программы технического и профессионального, post-secondary education : Приказ 578

  1. You can submit an application and documents for admission through the portal : This can be done by clicking on this link
  2. You can also submit documents for admission in the standard mode, that is, the option, in which there is a need to provide documents in person. In this case, you will need to provide the following list of documents directly to the person from the selection committee:Documents required for admission:
    1. Application.
    2. The original document on education.
    3. № Medical certificate form 086-U (І және ІІ топтағы мүгедектер мен бала жасынан мүгедектер үшін медициналық-әлеуметтік сараптаманың қорытындысы).
    4. 3x4 size 4 picture.

    List of required documents:

    1. Statement.
    2. The original of the document on education.
    3. Medical certificate on Form N 086 (Disabled groups I and II and disabled children - the conclusion of the medical – social expertise).
    4. 4 фотокарточки размером 3х

      A sample application is available for download in two languages ​​at this link: STATEMENT

    5. Another way to select and submit documents to an educational institution is to go to the TVE VKO website using this link:
      Once on the main page, you should go to the educational institutions search page.
      fig. 1

      Then, having selected the criteria you need in the search, go to the institution's website.
      fig. 2

      After that, on the website of the educational institution, you can find the above or other ways of submitting documents.
    6. Last but not least, this is still the same website of the TVE KVO where you can find the contact numbers of any educational institution you are interested in and by calling these numbers you can clarify questions of interest to you or people you know.
      Fig. 3

      Also below we post useful information for you.:

      ИНФОГРАФИКА: инфографика

      Best regards, KSU “Katon-Karagai Agricultural and Technical College”.

      Contact phone numbers:
      College website address:

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